Income tax advisory
It goes without saying that each country's tax system depends on its economic, political
and social system. Croatia is struggling to catch up with current European and global trends,
which accounts for major changes in its tax system, such as:
-introduction of VAT and excise duties;

-lower income and profit tax rates;

-more flexible income and profit tax base;

-taxation adjustable to inflation;

-lower tariffs on imports;

-reforms in tax administration, etc.

Due to the implementation of such changes, the new tax system is becoming considerably
more complex than the former one. Therefore, despite significant advances regarding the tax
administration's size and structure, it is still difficult to grasp its full scope, and hence to
produce adequate solutions in full compliance with the law.

This is where we step in with our expert team of tax counselors. Owing to years of practice
and experience in the field of tax legislation, both in Croatia and internationally, we can
vouch for full competence in providing professional tax counseling to our clients.

We create annual income tax returns for our clients, we file their complaints and appeals
regarding Internal Revenue System's records and statements, we provide counseling and
suggest optimal solutions within the Republic of Croatia's tax system.

Allow us to help you understand our tax system.