Minidata d.o.o.
Minidata d.o.o. was established in 1989. The company's primary field of work has always been providing
IT services. Its efforts feature two major branches of software development, as follows:

-designing customized software packages, that is, the ones aimed at meeting specific requirements
through dealing with specific problems which cannot be solved by means of standardized multifunctional
program packages available on the market

-designing software packages aimed at providing services, that is, the ones used by Minidata or its sister
companies in data processing and electronic record keeping

So far, the company has developed numerous software solutions, resulting from several major and a number
of minor projects. Owing to this, the company has managed to thrive in a highly competitive market over the years.
In the course of developing each project task, Minidata strives to offer its clients comprehensive solutions,
wherein the software package is normally complemented by diverse types of counseling on issues related not
only to the general IT field, but also to organization, economics, law, automata theory etc. Therefore, top
professionals from different fields of expertise (such as economics, law etc.) are habitually involved in projects
conducted by Minidata, as required.