Payroll Accounting
In order to save time and money, as well as simplify the payroll accounting system, many
companies are turning to contracting a payroll accountant outside the company. There are two
main arguments in favor of such an arrangement: cutting on costs and improving reliability.

It is a well-known fact that payroll accounting implies a deep understanding of legal acts,
which are being constantly revised, and so is the implementation thereof in real-life situations.
Benefits for individual incomes must be paid to state and local bodies in due time and in
accordance with necessary regulations. This is where our expertise can provide you with
security and enable you to cut down your costs related to the comprehensive system of payroll

As a specialist in income payment, we guarantee the accuracy of your data, we prepare reports
(monthly, semi-annual and annual), income slips for individual employees, collective
payment orders and related correspondence. We take it upon ourselves to fill you in on any
benefits to be paid to your employees as stipulated by law (social security, unemployment tax,
health insurance, income tax, reimbursement of sick leaves etc.).

We can process the fees to foreign employees working in the Republic of Croatia, travel
expenses, other forms of income (contractors' fees, authors' fees, board of directors etc.),
maintain correspondence with REGOS (Central Registry of Insured Persons) and FINA
(Central Administration Service), as well as with tax administration. We can also administrate
all matters related to your personnel, from employment registration to cessation of the
employment contract.

Our duty is to give you expert counseling regarding Income Act and Regulations, Labor Act
and other necessary legislation. We are looking forward to taking a challenge.